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Placing well-being at the heart of success.

Our science-backed employee well-being software can help you create a human-centric company culture that translates into business success.

We know you care about your people because your business depends on them.

New ways of working are accelerating your need to address heightened work-related stress and psycho-social issues which lead to increased absenteeism and staff turnover rates, along with decreased productivity and performance.

Learn how our digital platform can support and amplify your efforts.

For companies & HR professionals

New ways of working are accelerating your need to address heightened work-related stress and psycho-social issues which lead to increased absenteeism and staff turnover rates, along with decreased productivity and performance.

Learn how our digital platform can support and amplify your efforts.

For leaders

A productive and engaged team starts with you as a leader having the right conversations with your team. Quan’s science-backed research shows that employee well-being starts with leaders ranking high on self-awareness and self-care indicators.

Are you prepared to support your team?

How it works.

Based on science, made for people

Quan has compiled the conclusions from more than 150+ scientific and academic papers, spoken to over 300 global experts (including doctors, psychologists and therapists, among others) to identify 50 sub-dimensions of well-being and 250 predictors.

Our key findings show that companies and leaders need insights on all of these dimensions to effectively improve employee well-being.

Step 1

A comprehensive well-being assessment

Each employee will complete an evidence-based well-being assessment measuring five dimensions: Mind, Body, Meaning, Social connectedness and Self-fulfilment.

Step 2

Individual insights

Once assessment is completed, each employee will receive personalized results containing action-oriented well-being insights.

Step 3

Tailored interventions

We understand that employees may not be able to make changes on their own. Each employee is provided with a tailored intervention as a self-driven journey, and can be further supported by our network of proven experts.

In 2018, Gallup conducted more than 151,000 interviews with adults in over 140 countries.

Have you experienced any of the following in the last 5 days?

A lot of worry
A lot of physical pain

Don’t think this affects your organization?

The WHO determined that 50 to 60% of all sick days are due to employee stress – a symptom that can easily stem from the above mentioned triggers

How much does your company lose a year on just absenteeism alone?

Help your teams adapt to the “new normal”.

In a recent study by Mind Share Partners, “42% of global employees have experienced a decline in mental health since the pandemic began.

Learn about Quan’s COVID-19 package for companies and teams struggling to keep productivity and engagement high in our new working reality.

Who we are.

We believe in a world where individual well-being is prioritized as a key to business success, equal or greater to financial KPIs. Well-being is not simply a by-product of engagement survey results. It directly impacts how we work and employee mental, physical and emotional fitness to engage. At the end of the day, whether you choose to talk about it or not, well-being directly impacts productivity and performance.

Despite the wealth of science available on well-being, the term is often misunderstood and inspires negative feelings such as being overwhelmed. Quan exists to demystify the world of well-being for both organizations and individuals by breaking down the science, increasing self-awareness and guiding both teams and individuals through self-care steps designed to improve well-being in quantified ways.

Our founding story

Earlier this year, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the founding Quan team, a group of experts from various fields, came together to reflect on the importance of well-being, “It became obvious that COVID-19 was having a heavy impact on both our personal and work lives”. What stood out was that organizations were attempting to help employees by offering well-meaning, albeit generic solutions, “hosting online yoga sessions, sending employees smoothies and providing ergonomic office equipment.” However, many efforts only offered short term relief and did not tackle the underlying issues. It became clear that instead of trying to offer solutions, the focus needed to be on helping people identify the core problems.

The founding members of Quan worked diligently with psychologists and therapists to develop a well-being assessment focused on improving “self-awareness” and helping individuals identify the areas which need attention across their personal and work lives. Quan’s digital platform is geared at driving behavioural change by offering a holistic method to improve “self-care”. The learning and development solution brings together an assessment, personalised insights and tailored interventions – backed by data and delivered by experts from both the science and practice fields.

The Founders

Arosha Brouwer’s extensive professional experience as a consultant leading projects in corporate innovation and new business models has given her unique insight into what needs to change in the modus operandi of traditional organizations in order to attract and retain the purpose-driven talent of today and the future. She had dedicated her professional career to improving the well-being and the performance of individuals and teams.

Lucy Howie has a background as a former tech startup CEO in the innovation space, and executive in a large tech organization. She brings together vast knowledge of tech and innovation, as well as a passion for holistic well-being, to build a product for true impact.  Together they have established Quan, where the mission is to place well-being at the heart of success for organizations, and to give employees the tools to improve self-awareness and self-care.

Read the full story


“The minimum amount of any physical entity” – there are over 150 dimensions contributing to an individual’s well-being – to improve the whole, we must be willing to look at the smaller parts.


By bringing in ways to quantify aspects relating to well-being, we hope to demystify it – helping individuals, teams and organizations to better understand and take steps to improve it.

Our team.

Arosha Brouwer

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucy Howie

CPO & Co-Founder

JP Bruins Slot


Christina Chaplin

Head of Marketing

Danielle Bryant

Danielle Bryant

Head of People Science

Loeke Ruijter

Product Owner

Katya Stepanova

Well-Being Program Manager

Our advisors.

Emile Jeuken


Bart Essink

Bart Essink


Bastiaan Fronik


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